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How to perfectly fold a t-shirt.

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Male references two

to which I would still add a lot more jewelry and decoration, yet like the general style of

And maybe not flat boots, some of them are too flat and I would still like the platform boots and spikes and fishnet feel to it, but with this style added in

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1. Nickname? Nanny, Danny, Ñanny, Ñañela, Mazón, Mozón, Meison, Mansión…. what can I say?

2. Eye color? Brown

3. Hair color? Brown

4. One fact about you? My love life is closely related to monsters inc.

5. Favorite color? green and violet

6. Favorite place?

1. Nickname? Chichi, Krebs, Laine, Leni, Destino manifiesto, El ultragrito, Animal, Schichi, Miru, Mimimí, “Aly” (hate that one and hope it stays buried 6 feet below) 2. Eye color? Brown 3. Hair color? I’m blondz I’m skinnyz To be even blonder I bleachz and I’m a little bitz of a bitchz 4. One fact about you? My biggest passion is music and my best friend yukinohanabi now has converted to the Tokio hotel fandom. In exchange I think I need to start baking cakes :P 5. Favorite color? blue and black
6. Favorite place? Noyers, France, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, in México and Schwarzwald in Germany 7. Favorite celebrity? Michael Jackson 8. Favorite animal? Dogs, birds and lion 9. Favorite song? Born To Die, Kokain (Rammstein), Chandelier, Monsoon, Magic (Coldplay) 10. Favorite book? Mein Kampf, Ghostgirl lol Tag some people to answer these questions when you’re done! I was tagged by nannycupcake :) I tag: yukinohanabi fancy-vivid tanselzr

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